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Donald’s Discombobulation – Lenka Dvorakova (40 minute story)

Photo prompt Ladies with knivesNote: This story was created in 40 minutes in one of our writing sessions. The story is based on a writing prompt which is the photo that can be seen above. 

Donald’s Discombobulation  Lenka Dvorakova 

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, with blue skies and a gentle breeze, and Donald thought life couldn’t get any better.

And then the murders started.

The pharmacist was the first one. They found him behind his desk, a knife sticking out of his back. Then the schoolmaster, with his head almost separated from his body, found by the janitor in the hallway. When they discovered the corpse of the bookstore owner in a puddle of blood, the town started to panic.

A serial killer, obviously. But why? Why here? Why now? And most importantly, who’s going to be next?

The next one was the notary.

All of them killed with a knife, and there was a clear pattern: all victims were middle-aged, married, respected and well-off. But the murderer never took anything. Except for their lives, that is.

The murders stopped with the butcher. Five crimes, five victims, five knives.

The police closed the case after some time without ever finding who did it.

The life in the town was never the same. Even years later, the air smelled of blood and people feared to look each other in the eye. The bookstore never opened again, and the new pharmacist never understood why people preferred traveling across the river to get their medicine.

All these years, Donald wondered why he was spared. He always suspected he was supposed to be victim number six. He was just like all the other victims, a wealthy doctor, middle-aged, respected. And his wife was in the picture, too.


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