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A Political activist, a Journalist and a Giant walk into a bar… – Camilla Bonetti (40 minute story)

Note: This story was created in 40 minutes in one of our writing sessions. The story is based on the following writing prompts: The words ‘Political activist,’ ‘Journalist,’ ‘Giant’ followed by ‘walk into a bar.’

A Political activist, a Journalist and a Giant walk into a bar… – Camilla Bonetti

A political activist, a journalist and a giant walk into a bar.

Well, the journalist and the political activist actually got into the bar, while the giant has to fight to pull his body inside the door. He ends up using the big veranda window, pulling his head inside long enough to has his chin on the table. It’s foggy on the harbour town, the political activist has chosen this specific day after checking on the weather forecast: on a grey and cold Monday morning everyone is too pissed off to mind a giant walking along the main road. Even the waitress doesn’t seem to mind the unusual presence, too busy complaining about the sadness embracing her life.

“So, first of all, thank you for meeting me here today” says the giant, in a humble tone that doesn’t suit at all with the, well, gigantic body he’s carrying around.

“It’s a pleasure, my brother.” Tom, long term activist for the right of everything that move, breath or simply exist on Earth, is enthusiastic. After two years fighting for the rights of tulips to grow in rainbow lines and of jellyfish to sting the same person twice, he finally has a real battle, one that can take him straight to legend.

“Welcome, Sean”‘ mr. Wilson, the reporter of the local newspaper feels he’s at the highest point of his career, literally.

” You can call me Little Sean, everybody does” the giant pull up his thumb, reaching the dusty chandelier. Little Sean. Apart from the books he read as a kid, the journalist has never seen a giant before. His professional career of sensational news and scoop has been on a stop for almost a year, the boss has been very clear: he has to find THE news and bring it back by the end of the day.

“So, what is your fight about, what are you demanding the society to do for our friend, ehm, Little Sean, and his, well, friends?”

“I’m here as the leader of wherever you are and want to be, I’m here to manifest our willing to help giants grow a bigger place in our society.” Tom has a small paper hidden in his jeans pocket, he slowly pull it out to be sure he’s using the best words for the press.

“Can I have a cappuccino?” big Sean is thirsty, running down the seven mountains to reach the town has been exhausting.

“Anna, darling, would you bring our friend a cappuccino?”


“Yes, make it six liters of milk and…”

“22 human coffees, if is not too much disturb. Thank you so much.” The waiter nodded, after all the drunks request she had to take care of during the weekend, this sounds fair enough.

“Little Sean, what do you mean by having a bigger place in our society?”mr. Wilson get straight to the point, time is money and he knows he’ll be the one paying the cheque at the end of the meeting; how much would the batthtub of cappuccino be?

“We don’t want to be part of your society, we want a society is worth be part of…” says the giant, keeping his eyes low.

“Inspiring. Amazing.” Tom has never been so excited in his whole life. He wish he had accepted his sister smartphone to record this historical moment.

“I’m not sure I understand” says mr. Wilson “What the fudge?” thinks mr. Wilson, but no one would dare use the f word with a giant.

“Im kidding, it’s a phrase I read on a human book long time ago. I thought you would like a homage to your culture.” Little Sean sip the cappuccino from the big jar, his smile is surrounded by white soft foam. “I got in contact with Tom because I saw all the books you are writing, all the movies you are making about my people: sometimes we are super bad, walking around and destroying your world, sometimes we are sweet and naive, collecting and delivering dreams.”

“And you have a fight you want to start for the giants, right?” ask Mr/. Wilson getting nervous.

“Of course he does” reply Tom, carrying the good name of giants on his shoulder.

“Naaaaa” Little Sean stretched the A moving the curtains with his breath. He smells like coffee, he’s a gigantic coffee dispenser. “I’m getting married next moon. It means I’ll be turning into a serious big boys. As I told you I see your movies, I read your book. I was so curious about some human things: I wanted to sit in a cafe, chatting and sipping a hot cappuccino. I just fullfil two of my three dreams, pursuing the last one would mean destroy the whole place so I’ll be happy to sit outside with my head stuck in the window.”

“That’s it?” Mr. Wilson is shocked, he can feel his blood pressure raising up.


“But…but…you reached for me, saying you want to talk…” Tom tries his last card.

“Yes, that’s what we are doing”

“I thought you wanted to fight, to change the status, to…”

“Did I use any of those words? You humans are small but your ego can be soo big. Thank you for your time, you gave me something special. Here are some coins for my coffee” Little Sean gently pulls his head out of the window, stands up in the garden and scrolls his pocket, then he disappears in the fog leaving a big pile of coins in the garden.

“I cant believe it, no scoop.”

“No fight. What a failure!”

“are you two serious? that guy gave you the unique opportunity to meet a giant and to understand how precious we are in our own way to be.” Says the waitress,  carrying away the huge cup of coffee.