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Summer Story Competition Results

It’s been a long, hot summer and I am definitely looking forward to the end of it. Despite the hot and heavy conditions some of our writers managed to push beyond the crud, sweat and beers and they produced some brilliant stories to capture the essence of summer in our latest competition. 

The brief was the following: Write a story that captures the feeling of summer in 100 words. You may not use the words ‘summer’, ‘sunshine’, ‘happy’ or ‘sun.

Thank you to every writer that entered this competition and a special thank you to our judges for their valuable feedback.

Note that the judges had no idea who the writers were. They were asked to give feedback on every story and the feedback was given to the writers privately. The judges were also asked place the four entries from best (1st place) to not-best (4th place) and points were allocated as follows: First place – 4 points, Second place – 3 points, Third place – 2 points, Fourth place – 1 point. 

There is only one winner…

…but before you find out who that winner is, enjoy reading all the entries below (and feel free to share your feedback in the comments section):


— The Entries —


Story 1: What a Sorry Picture – Luke Ryan

Wasp, wasp, there’s a wasp hovering beside my ear. There’s another wasp inspecting my food. And it’s so hot. Putrid heat. Can’t sleep at night. There are beads of sweat running down my body at three in the morning. The morning tram stinks like a homeless convention. Peeling my underpants off when I get home from work. Scrotum stuck to the inside of my thigh. A wasp in my flat that can be heard, not seen. The shower, it does nothing. Praying for autumn, dreaming of icebergs. Mercury go back down, give me relief. Wasp, wasp, what a sorry picture.

Story 2: The Scent of Lavender – Anezka Novak

The scent of lavender enveloping, as we eat our picnic lunch of salami, camembert, fresh tomatoes, accompanied by chilled Rosé and Perrier water. After dessert strawberries, the post-prandial soporific effect takes over. We withdraw into our tent shaded by the umbrellas of trees, making languid love to the accompaniment of distant buzzing bees, our skins merge…Emerging radiant, we float in the river, fed from a mountain stream. Re-freshed, re-vitalised, re-produced, the taste of aniseed seducing as we sip our Pastis with chunks of ice.

Six weeks later, I recall the unplanned perfection of the day we produced a planned pregnancy.

Story 3: Something New – Roderick Mitchell Jr.

Toni lounged in an oversized chair, each of her hands holding a Mojito. A nearby umbrella blanketed her in shade.  She took an audible sip from each glass and moaned in contentment as the minty liquid flowed through her like a cool breeze.

And as she watched the waves beat across the beach with the regularity of a pulse, she wondered for the first time if people were wrong about the Earth — maybe it was alive afterall.

The thought surprised her, but then again, maybe that was the point of a vacation: to see something different, to think something new.

Story 4: Fleeting – Dominik Ježek

A warm night’s embrace after a scorching day.

A refreshing rain that quenches land’s thirst.

A soothing dose of peace in a never-ending fray.

Maybe it evaporates like a love gone too fast.

Maybe it soaks, creates something that is built to last.

A ravishing night – velvet and versed.


— The Judges —

Before I reveal the results I’d like to introduce you to our judges:

From left to right we have:

Maria Karamanoglou: Maria is from Greece and has been living in Prague for the last 4 years. She currently works in tourism but she has also worked as a language teacher, editor and translator. Maria has been a dedicated and valued member of Scribbles & Giggles from the very beginning (almost 3 years). She says she has always been fascinated by words and this is why she loves writing and words themselves! Maria believes that words have magic and we need to help show and speak on paper.

Lynn Ruth Miller: Lynn Ruth Miller started comedy & cabaret at 70. She made it to Las Vegas in America’s Got Talent, 2008, won People’s Choice in 2009 Branson Comedy Festival, the  finals in Bill Word’s Funniest Female Contest 2009 and semi-finals in the SF International Comedy Competition , the top 100 in Britain’s Got Talent not to mention winning both nights for the Texas Burlesque Festival without taking off anything that matters.   2014 TO&ST winner: best cabaret Edinburgh Fringe.; 2015 Liberty Award Leicester Comedy Festival; 2015 finalist: Old Comedian of 2015: London  At 85, she is still going strong. See her on YouTube:; or;  Check out her website:

Ken Nash: Ken Nash is an illustrator, animator and songwriter. His short fiction has appeared in B O D Y magazine, The Prague Revue, Bordercrossing Berlin. And the literary anthologies X-24: unclassified and The Return of Kral Majales. His story collection, The Brain Harvest, was published by Equus Press. Ken lives in Prague with his dog Waffles. For more about Ken check out these websites: Alchemy Reading and Performance

Anna Marie: A fresh M.A. graduate from English Literature, Anna is a Prague-based short story enthusiast and freelance illustrator. She is currently working in an international media and advertising firm, which is providing plenty of inspiration for both story-telling and sketching. She shares her work on her blog



— The Scores —


Story 1: What a Sorry Picture – Luke Ryan

Story 2: The Scent of Lavender – Anezka Novak

Story 3: Something New – Roderick Mitchell Jr.

Story 4: Fleeting – Dominik Ježek


— The Winner —

And the winner of the 100 word Summer Story competition is Dominik Ježek!!

Congratulations Dominik! Keep up the great work! Your prize will be delivered to you soon.