40 minutes stories · Short Stories

Red – Maria Karamanoglou (40 minute story)

Note: This story was created in 40 minutes in one of our writing sessions. The story is based on the following writing prompts: A picture of a red ruby and a picture of a woman holding a syringe. 

Red – Maria Karamanoglou

Red as blood.
Red as rubin.
Red as passion.
Red as your hair, spread on my pillow.
Red as your lips, that left a mark on mine on a Wednesday afternoon.
Red as an apple, Eve’s apple, for which I longed and which you never gave me.
And then the red became pale, worn, tired.
As your cheeks out in the cold.
As your eyes, after so many tears.
As the blanket I used to cover you with on the couch.
As the candy you liked and that I brought you when you could not go to the shop anymore.
And then white.
White like your skin the last time I saw you.
Like my house, without your red in it.
Like the harsh shine of the needles you would try to hide.
Blinding white, like the light you followed never to come back.

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