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Czech Tweet Competition: Tweets and Results

Brief: Share a “Czech experience” in tweet form (I.e. 140 characters).


Tweet 1 by Jakub Kovar

Fell on my ass. Got up and fell again. Worst of all – crowd of stupid teenagers laughed at me. #IHateSnow #IHateCobblestones #IHateThisCity

Tweet 2 by Roderick Mitchell Jr. 

Shoutout from #Jesenik! #amateurmushroomhunting #delicious

UPDATE: Should have brought a guide #tripping-balls #meltingsky #ohgodwhy

Tweet 3 by Carlos Alderete

The entire Moravian population amounts to nothing more than half a million inbred savages bristling for complexity & distinction. #czechness

Tweet 4 by Maria Karamanoglou

I don’t need glory.I’m happy doing my job.I’m an everyday person, a driver,I’ll placidly shut the door at your face when you enter the tram.

Tweet 5 by Polly Story-Lebl

Cobbles, Pokemon, and iphones equal scraped knees and twisted ankles #GottaCatchEmAll

Tweet 6 by Allie Ferguson

Hey @Zeman are you going to #MakePragueGreatAgain?


Judges: Seven judges were asked to choose their top three and points were given accordingly (1st – 3 points, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 1 point). The contestants will also receive feedback from all of the judges.

Results: Congratulations to RODERICK MITCHELL JR. !!!! 





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