40 minutes stories

40 minute story: ‘Cat’astrophic Events – Polly Story-Lebl

Note: This story was created in one of our writing sessions based on writing prompts.


Its hard to imagine the world before everything disappeared from all of the computers, phones, and internet. It was insane actually. One day people got up and there was nothing on the computer.  It didn’t even turn on. There was nothing on the phone, no numbers, no pictures. It was if it all just vanished into outer space.


How could this ever happen?  Who was responsible for this catastrophie? She knew. She had seen it coming for quite awhile. The internet had literally exploded all of the information on itself. She knew one day people would be so traumatized by the news that they would all log on to one cat video and it was just enough to trigger the shut down.


She wasn’t sure when she stumbled on to the feature.  Perhaps it was when she was stoned and had been watching hours of cat videos that she became aware that she was able to read the cats thoughts. Every cat video was telling her something. It was telling her that she should warn the people that ‘they’ didn’t like being made fun of. ‘They’ have finally masterminded a way to stop the insanity of people trying to find new ways to tease them just for the sake of filming.


The problem was, however, that every time she tried to warn someone about the cats, they would just laugh and show her another video. She also knew that a day would come soon that no one could stand to deal with life’s real issues and the only way they could feel better was to watch a cat video. She realized that this was the new addiction to calm people’s anxieties.


The days before the event that changed the world forever, she smoked a lot of pot. She didn’t want to watch them, but she had to figure out if there was something she could do to communicate with them. She even put on some cat ears and whiskers and filmed herself and posted it to you tube. She had a few views, but of course they were her friends and family. No cats.


One night, she thought maybe after getting high, that she could try to watch dog videos and see if they could help turn this impending doom around. Unfortunately, nothing came through. People just didn’t care that much about cute doggie videos enough to crash the internet.


The night before the world went crazy, she came across the cat video of the baby kitten sneezing and its arms would raise up above its head. It was so damn cute. She watched it a few more times and then she saw it. It was the number of views. It was not just increasing a few views at a time, but literally millions at a time. All at once, she realized it was the end of the world as she knew it. Her computer went blank. She picked up her ipad and it showed only an apple. Nothing more. Same with the phone.  She wasn’t sure how she would live. She wasn’t sure how anyone would live.


She felt sleepy, but at the same time couldn’t process reality. She didn’t even know how she would get up each day. She stared at the ceiling for hours. Trying to replay that cute kitty, but it was gone from her mind. Only emptiness remained.


When she began to wake up and make sense of her thoughts, she realized her kitten had been sleeping on her face. The sun made her sneeze and the kitten’s arms quickly went up.


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