Writing group manifesto

Membership: Scribbles & Giggles is a creative writing group that is open to people of all levels of experience, all ages, all interests and all nationalities. If you join, be prepared to write based on creative writing prompts and hear what other people like about your work and maybe some suggestions on where you could take your story. Members are required to bring their own writing equipment (pen, paper, notebook, banana leaf..whatever blows your hair back!)

Membership fee: 200czk per person per writing session

Programme: Each meeting will allow members to write (based on the creative writing prompts provided), gain and give positive feedback and socialise.

Attendance: Members are welcome to attend as often as possible. Interested people are encouraged to book a seat as soon as possible so the meeting/s can be planned appropriately. Bookings will be made according to a ‘first come, first served’ basis. All bookings must be made via email: or the Scribbles & Giggles Facebook group